AIC Finanz GmbH buy and sell receivables from international trade transactions. Recourse to the seller of such a claim is usually excluded. We assume the economic, political and currency-specific risks on clients’ behalf. As such, the seller is only responsible for the legal existence of the claim, but not its recoverability.

There are additional benefits associated with transferring a claim:

• Immediate influx of capital
• Optimisation of the balance sheet (accounting of liquid assets instead of receivables)
• If need be, complete third-party financing
• Reduction in administration overheads (responsibility for receivables management and collection is assumed by AIC Finanz GmbH)

In principle, all claims are suitable for this non-recourse form of receivables trading that are backed by a bank-issued document (e.g. letters of credit, guarantees, avals). In specific cases, accounts receivable can similarly be purchased. In all situations it is prerequisite that the claim is detached from the underlying transaction, i.e. that no objections have been or can be raised with respect to the underlying transaction. We would be happy to discuss with you by telephone or in writing how we can best satisfy your specific needs.

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